Caregiver Orientation Course



The course includes the following topics and allows homecare agencies to provide an orientation program for newly hired caregivers and homemakers. This allows caregivers to know what is expected from them when working with clients at the comfort of their home

  • Caregiver Job Requirements and Protocol
  • Senior Caregiver Job Description
  • Communication Skills
  • Care Plan and Care Plan Notes and Activities
  • Personal Care and Toileting
  • Adaptive Equipment for Transfers (Gait Belts and Lifts)
  • Basic Hygiene and Basic Infection Control
  • Maintaining a Clean, Safe, and Healthy Environment
  • Basic Personal and Environmental Safety Precautions
  • Emergency Procedures, Including Basic First Aid and Client’s Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Confidentiality of Client Personal, Financial, and Health Information (HIPAA)
  • Understanding Abuse and Neglect
  • Stroke Care for Seniors Rehabilitating after Experiences a Stroke

Upon completion of the course, all caregivers will be provided a certificate of completion that the agency can keep in file for their employee in-services.

Agencies that are currently using our caregiver course also use this training to highlight to their patients and the families that they provide certification and training to reassure clients that your caregivers are qualified to provide the best care.