We can come to your facility to provide training directly to your staff regarding marketing for your company. We work with clients who prefer this type of training rather than having their team using our online certification program for their marketers.

Day 1: Onboarding day where we will figure out with your team who should be the top 100 targets for your company. We can also begin briefing your team on the marketing strategies as well as provide you with proper marketing materials that can be used. We will also assess your current marketing products and websites to improve them as needed.

Day 2: During day two we will begin practicing, drilling and rehearsing with he team on what they will encounter in the field. We will share our amazing scripts that can be used in the field and will show you how to use them.

Day 3: We will go in the field with your marketing team to have them learn through trial and fire. We want them to immerse themselves in the field with the new weapons and techniques they will learn. We will also give them pointers on what we have seen them do in the field. We have a belief that its about doing than just telling.


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